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Please Help Chloe!!!

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Chloe is a beautiful boxer that is being held in a animal control shelter in Michigan. If she isn't adopted soon she will be PTS. If you are really interested in her, let me know and I'll get the details. I'm not sure if you have to be a Michigan resident or not, but I doubt that you would have to be.

Please help Chloe!


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OMGGGG she is gorgeous....i wish i had room for her and i was closer. But with 2 boxers,  a black lab , a cat  5 hermit crabs, and a dwarf frog i am full. But i see someone grabbing her up very quick...she is beautiful
OMG. soo cute. I wish I could take her!!!!!!!!!!
Where at in MI is she? I could possibly foster for a bit if she's in serious trouble.. I'll have to crate and rotate, but its manageable..
I can find out more details. Sometimes they bring in dogs from shelters out of state.
Luckily, they did find someone to foster her up north until she can be adopted. Here is a link to her page if anyone is interested. ... lID=276788
Thats excellent!
Thats good new she looks beautiful.  She would make anyone happy to have her.
So glad they found someone to foster her.
I am soo glad to hear that! She is such a gorgous girl, that breaks my heart...I want them all to have forever homes!!! I think that will be my Christamas wish this year.... :)
Good news! Chloe is already pending an adoption! That was fast!
Thank goodness she has found a home.  Great Job uridiscence for acting so quickly and saving her.
That is great news that they may have found adopted parents for her.  Looks like they have alot of senior babies there, they are all so sweet looking, I would love to take them all home!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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