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Please help me I dont understand

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So hailee is just about 9 months now and shes doing pretty well but I do have a few issues that would be awesome if anyone could help.

1. This is probably one of my biggest issues.. she pees on blankets/beds no matter where they are (couch, my bed, her bed, floor, ect.) and i cant figure out why?? (if she pees on our bed again i think my DH is gonna flip)  :aua:

2. At almost 9 months she still has accidents in the house( other than the blanket/bed peeing), i take her out every hour or more and I will have let her out there for sometimes 30-40 min trying to get her to poo but as soon as we get inside she goes (I even keep her in the same room with me and she will go right in front of me) HELP!?!

3. When we leave she gets into the trash or gets things off the counter and worst about 2 days ago she ate a hole in our foot rest to our couch  :evil:  so we have decided to crate train her but here lies my problem... what kind of crate? what size? where do i find a good one? when do i crate her? and any and all information of crating would be very appriciated.

Thanks in advance for the help sorry so many questions im just soo lost sometimes  :oops:
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Is there a good daycare near you?  That is a great way to tire out your baby.  Even walking Kiah 2-3 miles a day and twice a day on weekends did nothing to tire her out (she was about the same age); one day a week at doggy daycare was great too.  When the weather is nice we go to the dog park 5 times a week and that seems to give her enough exercise.
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