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I am posting this for one of the rescuers who is closely involved with Roxy. I have watched Roxys story closely from the beginning and she has made a lot of progress but they really need help with funding. Here is what she asked me to post

Roxy was found last May by a friend of mine, Linda. She was emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks. She was crawling on the ground and thankfully, Linda's daughter saw her as they drove by. This was out in the country near a small town in Oklahoma by a mobile home, but no one claimed to own her. So our small, local rescue, 4 The Animals Rescue, agreed to take her into their rescue and Linda offered to keep her and foster her. Since then she has been to many veterinarians in Tulsa, and was eventually diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that is attacking her joints. She has put on weight and is much stronger now. She has been getting acupuncture which has enabled her to put weight on her back legs a little and made her much more comfortable. But for now, she has to be carried everywhere for the most part. Crawling is slow and painful. The Doctors are certain they can help her become mobile with leg braces and therapy. So she has been measured for the braces and they have been made. But most of Roxy's donations were spent last summer on all the specialists and tests. There is not enough left to pay for the braces so they have not been shipped yet. Also there will be all the vet bills for physical therapy for her to learn to walk in them. Any donations are very much appreciated. She is the sweetest girl, and tries so hard to get around. Please help us give her some of her mobility back. The Dr. who made the braces did it at a discount. But they are still expensive. And they will not ship them until the bill is paid. The leg braces are $1300 for the front legs. She may need them for the back legs also. Roxy's fundraiser account does not have nearly enough. She has almost $700 at this moment after paying her acupuncture bills. Acupuncture is $65 a week. Then it will be another $1200 minimum for the physical therapy. I know so many have already helped. And it has been a long road. But she has come so far and to have to give up would be a shame. The braces were made on faith and a prayer that there would be enough. They have to be paid for even if she never gets enough money to get to learn to use them that bill must be paid asap. If you would like, donations could be called in to Dr. Owens at the Veterinary Wellness Center in Tulsa. (918 728-2351 Just specify that they are to be put on Roxy the Boxer's account under 4 the Animals Rescue. Any amount will help. Roxy is such a love and she will be so happy to be able to get around. Thank you so much!
OR you can donate to Roxys care here
If you cant donate please share the link to her youcaring fund raising page. Every little bit counts!


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