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Please help with my puppy!

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I just got a beautiful 10 week boxer pup.  She is beautiful and has a great personality.  The problem is that when she is in a playing mood she always goes after my five year olds feet, and that hurts because she goes after mine sometimes.  I know this is what puppies do but is there any way I can train her not to do this now.  Also if anyone knows of any great training tools I would love to hear what they are.  (Specific books, videos, etc).  

P.S.  This is my first boxer and I can see what all the fuss is.  They are great!
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That is what my dog used to do, he would take my sons socks off, he is just playing, just try to distract him with another toy.
One thing my vet mentioned (my newest one is a complete handfull)....anyway....teach your child to yelp like a pup.  This is what the puppies are used to hearing from the other litter mates when they get to ruff.  There was alot of yelping in my house but it does work.
This new pup will be your childs best friend...guaranteed!
When we got our first boxer, my son was 6 months old (this was 13 years ago now) and the boxer pup was an 8 week old female.  It got to the point where my son would crawl around with dog toys sticking out of his mouth and bark when he heard the door bell....get it all on's great!
Redirect.  If she were my pup and went for the feet, I would immediately get a toy or something she is allowed to chew, and put it in her mouth.     Redirecting her attention to bite from the feet to the toy.

As they learn, I then have added with mine as they are playing with humans and start to bite the "No Bite" and then redirect with toy.    After a bit mine have learned no bite, and then automatically start to lick.

Good Luck - there are numerous ways to stop this behavior, just got to find one that works for you!!
Well, I was gonna say what Hanna Banana's mom said.

Say "ouch" or yelp when puppy bites, then say "no bite" in a firm, but not yelling tone.
The yelping does work - although with a puppy it's their instinctive way to play so along with the yelping, you can also turn away from them and ignore them.  They hate to be ignored!  Yelling at them just excites them and they think you are just playing with them.  Try and stay calm and I agree with Heather said about redirecting that energy into a toy that's appropriate to play with.  Good luck with your new baby!
Yes, I definitely agree with (along with the yelp) to turn there attention to a toy they can bite on and walking is very true that they do indeed HATE to be ignored. LOL
Both of those methods work great. You cna also spray bitter Apple or orange on hers and your feet.
Rosiesmom- We have a little stubborn pup on our hands, and we tried all the redirect, "no bite" ignore etc and none of it was working for us. Well it was working sometimes, but it was hard for us to "nip" the problem in the but. So Liz gave us a suggestion to use "time outs" . We would try the yelp etc and if that didn't work and she was getting out of hand we would tie her lead to a door nob and ignore her for about 5mins. Hardest thing in the world to do...because she would just cry the whole time....bUT it worked! She hardly ever nips now, and when she does we yelp and it stops. It doesn't go further because if it does, she knows shes getting a time out! It's hard, but just keep at it consistently, and I'm sure it will only get easier. We've been working on it for two months, but we are finally seeing progress! Good luck  :)
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