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poop issue.... please help

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So Dungy has never had a problem w/ having liquid poop, it has always been solid... yesterday I heard him crying in his cage at like 3:30 in the morning so i got up to let him out and first in the cage he had puked a little food up (prolly cause he ate sooooooo much food yesterday, like 2 cups more than he usually does)

So i took him out cakuse i thought he had to pee or poop and i let him out and his poop squirted out like water.... i was soo confused.

What could have done this??
Is he ok or is there a problem??
how can i thicken it up??

Please help i have never had this issue w/ him
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poop is back to normal, the pumpkin really helped... THANKS everyone :D
glad to hear it!
My girl went though this too!   I took her in and the worms were bad.. :oops:    Heres the thing I was in there 2 weeks before(1st needles) and wormed her :? My vet said that I had her on too high of protein food and he gave me pills for worming Just one.(strong one) Well the next day I could believe what was coming out of her!   Here im thinking there would be nothing......anyways the vet said sometimes the wormimg meds dont work all that well ?  I also switched foods and it was noirmal in 2 days!   Never had a problem again.
Glad the pumpkin is working.  Remember, though, that the pumpkin is just masking the problem.  It is only fixing the symptoms, not the cause.  Good luck on finding out what is causing this so you don't have to do pumpkin for the rest of his life.
Glad that Dungy is doing better. Dan is right tho, the pumkin isn't a cure, I would still keep an eye on him and see how he does :)
Glad to hear that the pumpkin helped. They love the taste too, added bonus!
pumpkin sounded so good i ended up just making pumpkin bread with the leftovers lol
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