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Poor Boy....

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I know Im crazy for even looking. I just got Zora all fixed up after $5,000.00. This boy only has 8 days left. Any suggestions about what I should do, if anything.


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omg...if i could take him i would in a heart beat. It doesn't say if he's good with other dogs?
I know..I emailed the shelter...My husband will kill me!
If you have the extra room for him I think you should take him....that would be just awful for him to be euthanized for no reason :cry: ...please rescue him...I would take him if I lived in the area...even if you can't keep him at least foster him and find him a good home
Are there boxer rescues in the area, if so, notify them and they will pick him up.
i was going to say the same thing^^^^^^

even rescues that arent in that immediate area will come get him...hes gorgeous !
OMG....I wish I lived closer!  I agree with Barb and Ky.  Notify them asap!  Don't let him be put to sleep.
Good news! He's been adopted and went home with his new family last night.
I was just gonna post that.....Hope he went to a good home...
WOW that's great news! I'm so happy for him :D
I am so happy he got to go to a good home. There's no sense is euthanising an animal!!!
Awesome!!! Woo Hoo, he deserves a forever home :)
What a relief, so glad he found a good home.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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