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Poor dog! :(

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My husband and I took Bosco to get his nails trimmed at the groomers (as they were very long).  Anyhow, the poor dog was so scared and shaking badly.  I felt so bad for him!  I hugged and petted him while the lady did it.  He has to go back in 3 wks!!!  I hope he won't be as frightened!
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When I first took Tyson to get his nails trimmed he was soooo scared.  I had never seen him so shaken up.  From then on, we have always done his nails.  He doesn't even flinch when we do it.
we use a dremel on Maple, her breeders used it on all their dogs and we stuck with it, she doesn't seem to mind but gets bored more than anything it seems  :)
We have the clippers.  Duke doesn't mind, we give him a treat to keep his mind off of it.  I think its more he doesn't like to be held in one place....he is always on the go.
I would try taking him to the groomer hungry and reward heavily with treats. The first time i took Donner to the groomer he acted like they were trying to cut his legs off. Got better every time. Now he jumps up on the table when we get there. It just will take a little time. I have never tried a dremel tool.  :D
I found it's just easier to do them myself...I do my two dogs, my cat, my mom's three dogs and the rabbit every week.
You guys are brave, I'm mom of twins and I'm still to scared to clip our boy Oscar nails .... my vet is helping me with that :)
Just a friendly suggestion here but, I would probably avoid the petting and hugging while he is frightened because this is just nurturing the frightened behavior, he needs to work through this himself without the human telling him it's ok...I would hug, pet and treat after he has calmed down...What you may want to suggest to your groomer if they are willing to work with you is clipping one nail at a time, wait until he calms down and then reward his calm behavior, and then just repeat this until it becomes second nature to him to have his nails trimmed....Gaby was also afraid when I first started trimming her nails and this is the procedure I used and now she lets me trim them no problem...

good luck!
I cut both of ours.  Charlie will somewhat relax, Sadie bascially has to be physically restrained.  I've messed up on a couple of Charlie's nails, 1/2 his nails are solid black, some have bits of white.  Sadie's nails are white and pink, never clipped one to close on her.  Guess I'd better knock on wood!
Phoenix was really bad about us cutting her nails and would run and hide. A friend of ours is a groomer so I took Phoenix in to see her
and she said it is easier to do without the owner in the room so their isn't an distraction. Phoenix is slowly getting better when our friend comes
to our house to do them now and we are present. She found it easier to start with Phoenix's back nails first because she can't fight as much.
Sorry, I didn't even see this thread when I'd posted mine this morning
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