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Poor Duke

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Ok, so I was checking my email while Duke was playing in Tabs kennel.  Next thing I knew Duke's mouth was stuck in Tabs kennel door.  It was terrible I about had a heartattack and I didn't know how to help him.  Between him jerking around and me trying to calm him down to get him unstuck he managed to riggle free.  

My question.....He seems fine, he won't play with his keys (his favorite toy) he picks them up and then drops them again so I figure his mouth is sore. He wasn't bleeding bad and I didn't see any empty spots where teeth should be.  So I gave him so peanut butter to calm him down and see if I can check him out some more.  Well I found a knot under his chin, what I think happened is the lock on the door caught him underneath and jabbed him.  I think it is fine and it is just a knot; I don't think I need to take him in.....What do you think?
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aaahhh poor Duke, I hope he feels better soon....If he seem to be acting normal for the most part I would just monitor him for the next little while as I'm sure you already are and see if anything changes
He seems to be i'm not too worried, silly dog even when back to the kennel to try and play with it again.  :roll: He's not playing as much but I'm sure the shock of it all wore him down a bit.  He was shaking pretty bad afterward.
Poor Duke..that sounds painful! Ditto to what Gaby'sdad said about monitoring it for a while. Hope he feels better soon!
Poor Duke  :(  I hope he gets better soon.  Chloe and Brodi send him tons of feel better slobbery kisses.
Thanks I'm sure he will be fine, I think it scared me more then him.  The knot is like the size of a dime and really hard but its not bleeding and doesn't seem like it when through his mouth; I think it just pinched it a little.
Awww, poor Duke..Definitely keep an eye on the bump, even tho Boxers have hard heads, they do have their limits as well...No doubt it did scare him a bit, but not too bad if he went back over to the crate again, which is a good thing  :) Give that boy a hug for me and hoping he's going to be fine....Oh boy they sure do keep us on our toes
Yeah he does.....and Adam got to be the good guy  :roll: I had to poke and prod him to see if he was ok while Adam held him and gave him lovin' so unfair. :)  OH well I think he is doing better he just grabbed his bone and is chewing on it so his mouth should be doing better. I will keep you posted.  Thanks :)  Duke loves all the hugs, I think he is milking it for what it is worth :)
when our boxer rocky got nuetered , they had taken him out to the dog run and she said they put him in there for like two seconds and he was trying to bite his way out and caught his teeth in the fence....they had to cut the fence to get him out...they called us and told us to come get him because he was going nuts,, when we got there he had that lampshade on his head and he gave us the dirtest look,,,like how could u let them do this to me.....he has a small scar on his lip but hes recovered and is doing fine...
Bless his heart!!! That must have hurt. I would say that he's just sore, and it maybe painful to chew on things. I hope he gets better soon! Lots of WOOOOO-WOOOOOO's from Harley and Dozer!
Thanks he's doing better....he ate a little bit and was chewing on one of his bones.  So I don't think he is in quite so much pain anymore.
Whew, that's good to hear....Duke huny, you got to quit scaring us like that :)
That is a HORRIBLE feeling, isn't it? Scares the life out of you...Indy did that when he was LITTLE...about 10 weeks old...he SCREAMED and I was SO took a few seconds to work him loose and him jumping all over the place...I was afraid he would break his jaw...

So glad Duke is feeling better! :)
just caught this!! how is duke doing this morning?
Good, he's playing and acting normal.  I wasn't so sure last night because he was really calm all night long and as everyone knows thats not normal :)  but he is doing good this morning....I think he is trying to make up for last night because he is driving me crazy  :lol: He doesn't like it when we mess with the bump to much but he will let us touch it so I don't think it is hurting him too bad.  Thank you everyone.  I was really scared when it happened.  I was worried when we first got him that he might get stuck in his crate trying to get out or something....I didn't think it would happen when he was on the outside  :roll: Thank you all again :)
Hurry up and feel better Duke, hope your bump goes away soon.
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