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Poor Jetta...

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Well...tonight was a dogs in bed husband is at work...dogs protect me in bed...Jetta had been getting very restless so I took her outside to see if she had to potty...I let her out...she comes back in and desperately rings the the time I turn around to open the door to let her out again...explosive liquid feces comes squirting out of her little butt...poor puppy...I wsonder what caused this?  She hasn't gotten anything new to eat...she has been on diamond for over a week with no sign of problems...Bo seems fine...I'm just glad it wasn't in the bed...yucky yucky yucky!  If it is just an upset stomach, how long will the diarrhea last?  At what point should I get worried?
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I have no idea!  That sounds awful though.
Is she on any medication?  New flea treatment or something?
Did she get into something when you weren't looking?
I just can't imagine what could have caused it. :?
Good luck with her and let us know how it turns out.
Poor Jetta.....feel better soon sweetie.    
Any better now?
she made it through the night with no more accidents...but she looks...sad?  She didn't great me when I woke up with little whines to get out of her cage...she is just laying there like she doesnt' feel good...I can't imagine what she could have gotten into...I watch her like a hawk~
Chicken and rice naturals
no corn, wheat, soy ,etc
she could have eaten a bug that didn't agree with far as her behavior it could be that she feel sick, or she might be embarassed, I've seen some dogs get totally horrified over something like that.

Good luck!  Hopefully it was just a bug or something silly like that and she'll be back to normal quickly.
Every once in a while this happens to Fredo too and I can not find anything that he might have eaten besides his regualr food and treats.
she seems back to her old self right now...they've been romping in the backyard with Simba for an hour...she's gonna be tired this afternoon yay!
Don't you hate the squirts! For a while Hoosier not only would explode, but it was accompanied by terrible farting its not real and sombody doing it with their mouth
so glad to hear she's feeling better!!
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