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Hello everyone!
First of all, I am so glad I've found this community! I absolutely love boxers and my youngest is 8 months old right now.
I am very concerned about him right now, and currently waiting to be able to go to a vet. (We are living in Ontario, and due to COVID-19 it takes weeks to get an appointment except if it's an emergency).
He started to develop bumps on his chin which seemed to be okay at first; I thought they'll eventually disappear as I've seen it happen with my other dogs when they were younger.
But this boy's chin just got worst, and now these weird things started to appear on his nose as well.

He is fed Acana Puppy & Junior (recently switched from Purina Smartblend in hopes that his acne will disappear)
He had a plastic bowl which I switched to stainless steel today. (Can't buy a ceramic bowl because every store sells essential stuff only at the moment)

Has anyone experienced anything similar before? I am concerned that there might be some bigger issue causing this?!
Also his nose is turning brown which seems to be a bit weird, I am not sure what's the cause!
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