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So as you all know Gypsy can't hear and some days it can be very difficult to deal with.

So, one morning we woke up to her having peed and pooped in the house which she doesn't really doesn't do anymore.
So I was thinking what if the times that this does happen she has barked but we didn't hear her? We have watched her and sometimes she thinks she is barking but she is barely making a sound probably because she can't hear herself.

We use a even collar so we can communicate with her and it got me thinking what if there was a device like the e collar that communicates to the owner when the dog is trying to get your attention. It would sense when the dog is barking then sends a signal to a wrist band that would vibrate.

I think it sounds so cool. If there is a device that is out there like that that anyone knows of I would love to get it.
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