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Possibly getting another Boxer

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Through a friend of a friend, we may be getting a second Boxer.  I've heard from other 2 Boxer households that they can feed off of each other and that isn't always a good thing.  Is this true or does that depend on personalities?  Any suggestions for introducing Allie to the new puppy?  Should we take her with us to see this other puppy and see how they get along?  I did a search but couldn't find anything on this subject - I probably had the wrong search terms, so if there is a thread on this already, please feel free to post it and I'll take a look.  TIA for all the help!
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I don't have two boxers but I am getting another one in 14 days  :lol: I have only heard good things on this website about getting another one.  So I can't tell you from personal experience yet but there are alot of people on here with two boxers.  Hopefully they can give you some info.
We recently just got a second boxer.  Our oldest boxer (binga) is a little over 8 months old.  

When we went to see our new addition we took Binga with us to see him.  We wanted to see her reaction to another dog, especailly one so little.  She did really well and was nothing but sweet to him.  We wanted to make sure she wouldn't growl at him or anything.  The only thing we have to watch out for is that she is still quite a bit bigger than him and didn't want her to accidently hurt him when they play.  BUT now after having him a week, we have seen that he beats up on her.  We have to stop him from latching onto her lip or ear and not letting go.  he is a mean little booger  :)

So I would for sure bring Allie with you to meet the new dog.  See how she reacts to him/her.  Binga at first acted like a spaz around him...   she wanted to be around him and play SO bad...  she would drool and sniff and slobber everywhere...   it is SO much better now.  When she gets tired of him she just gets out of his reach.  

I think getting him was a good move.  She has someone to keep her company and play with.  AND she isn't following me around everywhere I go 24/7   :roll:

If Allie has a good personality then I think a new puppy would feed off it that.  But as much as I have learned about Boxers they are usually great companions.  I have heard male/male combos or female/female combos could have some problems.

I hope my rambling helped you some...   and good luck!
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Its always good idea to see how the personalities would match. Just make sure to meet on neutral ground. It is true (IMO) that they can feed off each other. Savannah was my abused girl, and we got Reese in hopes to help pull her out of her shell. It kinda backfired and now they both are very leary of people other than myself, my daughter and my bf. As for training wise having an older boxer does help with housetraining, crate training and you basic command training. Good luck and keep us posted, and dont forget the pics!
We got our little one, Jetta first.  she was 6 weeks old (yup, too young, now I know)  We waited until she was about 3.5 months old and got Bo, who was 9 months at the time.  We introduced them at the park next door...Jetta really liked Bo...Bo had some growling and snapping (with no contact) issues...we decided to try it out for a week and then go from there (previous owner, really needed to get rid of him and offered a trial basis).  The first couple of days were pretty rough.  (This was Bo's third home in a  month, so I feel he was just stressed out from all the shuffling).  Bo was very annoyed with little Jetta...he growled and would snap if she took his toys.  We corrected this behavior, and by the second day, they were already wrestling and boxing.  Bo still has a little bit of toy aggression...but mostly when Jetta snatches his toys...he "defends" them while playing.  It's actualy pretty fun to watch.  

As Bingasmom said...we were terrified that big boy Bo would hurt Jetta while actually was the other way around...she, like Bear likes to latch on to lips, cheeks and ears and not let go, lol.  those little pups can sure hold their own.

I have a male/female pair- it's worked out great, we've had the two of them for about 3 months now.  No real fights, constant play...and now Jetta doesn't stalk me 24/7....they keep each other company, they entertain each other...BUT...they still LOVE attention...they are still momma's babys...if I call them, they stop playing and come right to me for loving.  They love to snuggle after a good romp (now that we have two...they actually get tired out enough to snuggle).  and they are just a joy to have.  My husband never owned a dog before my babies.  we started our dog family the day after we got married.   I'll admit he seemed a little annoyed by how needy Jetta was for attention.  He was worried about getting Bo...but I kept telling him that Jetta really needed a playmate after seeing her with other dogs and puppies.  I let him make the final decision...Now he tells me almost everyday how glad he is that we got Bo, lol!
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Thanks everyone for all the advice.  I just found out today that my possible second Boxer hasn't been born yet!  We are going to meet mommy and daddy next week and the Boxers should be bred soon.  Here's the backstory:  We're in Albania currently and friends of ours have friends that are friends with the King here and he has 4 Boxers!  He raises them and breeds them.  So we are going to meet him and his Boxers next week.  My friend thought the puppies were already born and that we would have one right away.  Anyway, the king sounds like a responsible breeder and owner.  I can't wait to meet his Boxers.  I will definitely take Allie to meet the puppies and see how she gets along with them.  I think she'll want to play with all of them.  She hasn't met a dog she hasn't liked yet!   :D  DH is on board with the idea of having another one.  He did want to wait until Allie was 5 to get another one, but now that she is 3, I think she is ready for a companion.  By the time the litter is here, I should be working part time so I can work with the new Boxer and make sure Allie is ok and doing well with the adjustment.   This is so exciting!
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