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I have a new little girl, Cali is her name. She has been home goingon 3 weeks this Thursday night. So far I have been so impressed with her ability to learn and pick up on simple things. The peeing, well it has been better than expected actually, and I have to say more work than I was hoping for. However, hard work pays off. I have to take Cali out consistantly so many times a day, and it works. She has only had a few accidents in the house, and she knows she is not supposed to go there. I guess the consistant going outside, every 1-2 hours, at first every 30 minutes, and I am with her all day, taking her to work, and she is never alone. So training her is much easier. I already have her scratching at the back door to go out before attempting to go in the house. Crazy smart, and I have only just started giving her treats as a reqward. So I say keep it very consistant, and praise her lots, and use the same term always. Ours is "GO PEE PEE, or GO POO POO" and she will do it on command. Mostly I think I have learned her schedule and can say "its time for her to pee" taker her out, tell her to go and she does. Then I reward her. She is great.

I also use the crate. At night she sleeps in it, and has only wet her bed one night since she was home, I think the first or second night. I take her out usually once or twice every night while sleeping, other wise she will cry, so before she cries I jump up and take her potty. In the morning she goes 3 times sometimes in the first hour of being awake, so I watch her very closely.

Biting, well, Cali is a puppy, only 8-9 weeks old, and she is testing everything. She loves biting, everything, and if we get her all riled up, and playing she will bite us, not meaning to, but she thinks it is a game. We always say "no biting" wnd give her a stern point of the finger. She knows better, however still attempts to bite. She does not bite me, I mean she will play and try to bite, but definately knows not to bite me. Maybee because I spend so much time with her all day long, she knows who is the boss. But when she gets home, and sees Angie, my wife, Cali goes crazy, and tries to play ruff and bite and chase, and bite the feet, and socks, and scratches, like crazy. She doesnt do this with me. I think she knows she can get away with it with Angie and not me. I told Angie from day one not to play with her like that. Once she gets bigger she will hurt you and it will not be fun, and Cali will think of it as a game.

I give Cali a stern attitude when I do not want her doing something, and I am consistant with her as to not confuse her. She will play with me much less rough than with Angie. Angie is finally picking up on this, and I will step in to help her with her biting, and it seems to be slowly working.

Cali has 2 sisters that my Mom and Brother took, and they see each other almost every day. They play so rough, they bite and box and scratch, and they get crazy. I think it is definately a puppy thing. I have bought Cali so many toys to keep her occupied and it is working.
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