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I have been looking at Premium Edge Dog food (the Salmon flavor) For our Mastiff mix and to Put Gisselle on also. Clyde our Mastiff is displaying what I think are food sensitivities. Our Pit is on the Flint River Ranch Fish and chips, but it would be TOOOOOO pricey to switch the Mastiff on to that he eats like a horse.
So I thought I would keep our Pit bull on that and switch the other two. I researched it and it has 4 stars from dog food analysis,but it doesnot state if they use
ethoxyquin in the food and this is the E-mail that I recieved from the it kind of feels like they are trying to dance around the subject

The preservation systems used by our vendors are considered proprietary

However, we know that the heat from our pet food process destroys
antioxidants that are used in the ingredients that we purchase.  After
the heat process (extrusion and drying), we apply natural tocopherols
(Vitamins A & E) in order to carry the shelf life of the food.

Let me know if you have additional questions, or want to try a free
sample (need your snail mail address).

Patricia L. Farrar, DVM
Veterinary Services
Diamond Pet Foods
Meta, Missouri 65058

So basicly it sounds like This DVM doesn't now right?
Or doesn't WANT to disclose it
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