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Prices on Frontline Plus???

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Yikes, took a trip to the vet today for some minor hair loss on our female siamese and it turns out she's having a reaction to FLEAS 8O Haven't ever seen any on the the inside cats but the flea poop was shown to me by the vet. Anyway, a one month supply to do inside and outside pets was $148. Obviously if that's what we have to do for prevention we will but I was wondering if anyone uses mail order and if so, is it any cheaper???? May have to look for part-time work to support my pet habit!!! :D
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Lori, check out Dr Fosters, I get mine from there and I found it was the lowest price of places that I use....Anyone chime in if you know of another
my siamese is also allergic to the fleas..even 1...we have to keep steady on frontline plus for cats & dogs....

we pay 40 bucks for a 3 month supply for 1 cat...same for dogs..our siamese is 20 pounds lol but it works jsut fine...make sure wherever he lays you spray too..the result of their reaction is aweful !!! it happend to us...we thought it was him fighting with the kitten back a year ago when the kitten was little..he had sores around his neck and back...aweful !! and couldnot see 1 flea...its the dander ..they say flea saliva
148 for inside outside ? i didnt know there was a difference ...our cat frontline plus has a grey cat on the front?
You can alos get a 6 month supply on Ebay for $49.99 shipped
Thanks for the help everyone! Ky, I'm really having a DUH day today sorry.  :doh: No difference for inside/outside, just that much for everyone for one month. Yup, we used the one with the grey kitty on the box.
haha ya me too im
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