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Princess Penny

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Ok this is my attempt at sharing some pics of my little princess. I hope that it works and uploads right.

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Wow, too cute.
Hahahaha that 1st pic is hysterical  :lol: Princess Penny is a cutie patootie!
She is too cute! Love the pics...
she is a very pretty girl!
She is very pretty, and I love the "teef!"  :lol:
Very pretty girl. I too have a boxer named Penny.  :)
What a pretty princess Penny is......sounds like a tongue
Thanks guys... she is all teeth and likes to show them off!!

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She is adorable.
Lol, gotta love them "teethies"...great pics
She will be 2yrs on June 13. She is a petite little girl weighing in at 38lbs on a good day after eating.

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Princess Penny looks like a sweet girl, love the teeth :lol:
What a cutie!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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