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Progress report

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BABY steps!  but it is encouraging.
Ginsy likes the tie out in the middle of the front yard.  I am able to take her for a walk first thing in the AM and bring he back in and crate her for a little while while I make breakfast.  then after I make breakfast little DD and I go for another walk.  When we are done I leave Ginsy on the tie out for 30 - 45 min, she eats outside.   I get some house work done- laundry, dishes, floors......... you know all the drudging chores that drag you down.  When we finish that DD and I go for another walk, then she comes back inside and I attach her lead to my belt loop and I go about the rest of my daily routine.
Through out the day I rotate where Ginsy is and when the kids get home, after snack and homework I put her on the tie out when they go out to play.  She stays out as long as they are outside playing and my oldest DS brings her in with him at dinner time and puts her in the crate.

pretty much our routine is the same, only now I can leave her out front on the tie out or my belt for some time rather than crating her like we were doing before when I wasn't able to watch her for every second
I also have a piece of lunch meat in a ziplock that I take on walks to give her when she does her business outside along with tons of singsongy sillyness to tell her what a gooood puppy duppy luppy wuppy  she is

We all realize that it is going to be a long haul- and we will still have set backs.  But......  BABY STEPS and we will eventually get where we are going.

And I got a steam cleaner and I am going to tackle those carpets in the front two rooms today!!
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Good for you.  Glad to hear it is going well.  It is all about baby steps.  Everyone wants the quick fix right now and that isn't what dogs or life is about.

I think your progress and your attitude is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself. :D You've made some good changes and I'm sure Ginsy will repay you ten-fold by becoming a happier,more well behaved girl. What you should be proudest of is the fact that you didn't just throw in the towel and give her up like so many other owners do. Keep up the baby steps and let us know how it goes :lol:
That is great!! Woo Hoo, ditto what Nano said, it's all about baby steps..That is certainly better than no steps at all :)
Sounds like things are going good.  I notice that when my carpets were cleaned with a steamer Duke didn't go into the spare bedroom to do his buisness but they had to be cleaned a couple of time to notice a big difference.  Now we can leave the door open to our spare bedroom and its not a big deal.
What great news, I am so glad that you have found something that is beginning to work for you.  You definately should be proud of yourself as DonnersMom said.
Congratulations to all of you!  Sounds like you are getting her more involved with the family (and the family more involved with her  :D ).  That is wonderful news and I am sure as time goes one the kids will get even more attached to her and willing to do even more with her!
Sometimes you hit a really low spot and become so discouraged.  I have never felt so much like a failure with one of my pets before.  I really was thinking it would be better o find a better home for her.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.  It helps to have friends to lean on when things seem the darkest.
Keep up the great work. A solid routine IMO is always the best route. One day a light bulb will get turned on and you'll be wondering where the old Ginsy went.  :clap:  :dance:
Congratulations!!  Sounds like you all are working together  :D  Keep up the good work and as DonnersMom said Ginsy will be much happier, as will all of you.
Well good for you! I'm so glad that you are managing to work things out with Ginsy! You must be so proud! Keep up the good work!

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