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Proud of my girl

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Frankie has always been terrible with the vacuum cleaner, any time I do it she barks and tries to bite it, so I am constantly telling her no because it drives me crazy 8O Anyway today after cleaning for a couple of minutes I noticed Frankie was just lying down quietly looking at me, without getting herself stressed at all!!! I was so happy I spent more time giving her kisses and cuddles and telling her how good she was than actually cleaning :dance: Very proud of my little girl, I know its only a small thing, but I am happy, just hope it lasts!!!
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ACK! Can anyone tell me how to get Ashley to be afraid of anything like this?? Little squirt seems to be not effected by any noise..she chases the vaccum, the lawn mower ( BAD puppy!) and jumps around the bathroom being a general clown when I blow my hair dry. If I turn it to her she bites the air coming out, and barks, and runs a circle around me..... <sigh> everything is a game to her! I know she hears the noise, just has NO fears in general..whats a mom to do??  :?
I have had Ashley since Christmas, and she always has been fearless like this. A few weeks ago, while out for a walk, a neighbor came towards us with his HUGE German Shepard, and the wife was walking their beagle. Well one guess which one Ashley decided to jump toward and continued to do so till I had to pick her up. This Shepard could have had a nice "snack" out of Ashley. It appeared as though the beagle being the smallest dog got no attention from Ashley...Arghhhh oh well, I know fearless doesn't mean unintelligent..but that day it appeared so..she was ready to take on that big brute!!
Oh and side note to Diesels Mom...I have to wait for her to go outside to sweep..the broom is useless at this would think getting bopped in the snout ( not on purpose of course ) would deter them..but noooooo..that adds "fun to the game.. :lol:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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