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Proud Parents!

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Our first boxer...we were so smitten!! Can't you tell? We really can't imagine not having him around...he has been so much fun!

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Awhhh... he's adorable!! Welcome to the boxer family! You two... well three... will LOVE IT HERE!!
Such a cute little face!  Aren't boxers the best! :D
He's so cute!
Oh my goodness he's adorable! :)

Welcome to the forums!
Holy cuteness! Welcome to the forums  :)
congratulations and welcome to the forum...he's very handsome...what is his name?
Its sooo easy to be a proud boxer owner!!  :)
Awww, he's so cute!  Congrats and welcome to the forum!
What is his name? He is adorable! You will learn so much about boxers here - welcome from Texas!
He's a real cutie. Welcome from N.Y. Whats the little guys name? :thumbup:
Our little guy is named Mingus...Gus is his nickname! We are having so much fun with him...he is a challenge but totally worth it!
Welcome to you all, he sure is a cutie.
Welcome to the forum from Ontario Canada .your boy is adorable.
Isn't he a stud.  Mom of the ladies will say he's a cutie pa tootie!
Welcome from Iowa....This site is a great source of information.  Your puppy is beautiful.
welcome! he is a very good looking puppy! They are a challenge but well worth it!
welcome from chicago! he is sooo cute! i love his ears!
He is sooooo cute!!
How old is he?

Oh, where are my manners.....Welcome to the forum!!
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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