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Can I add pumpkin to Delila's food for flavor or is it mostly for their bowels?
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Sorry  not much help. I have never been told to add pumpkin to haven's food for any reason.
I will keep watching this just to get ideas though.
Pretty sure that Sharon or Willow would be able to help on this topic, ive heard a little bit about it, but as well would like to know more. BUMP!
I don't have a lot of experience, we used to give it to Sadie to firm up her stool when she had coccidia...I think it should be fine to add a tsp in for flavor. I know Sadie LOVES the taste. Others will probably have a better answer. Does she not like the taste of her food? Which food is she on?
She is a picky eater unless I mix something in with her food. She likes the taste of pumpkin but I don't want to mess up her bm,s. She is on pinnicle all stages.
nutro sells these things called "healthy desserts" they are 100 calories and they have a pumpkin one.thay also have apple torte, carrot cake,and berry cobbler(which sumya is eating right now). they are small cans 3 oz. she really loves them and her bm's are fine. you might also try garlic powder, they love that is hard to keep them interested in eating the same  thing everday! :roll:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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