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I hear alot of talk on here about something pumpkin.Can someone maybe help me.What is it? where I get it?whats it used for?is it a daily food? & maybe a picture so I know what to look for.Thanks any help is appreciated.
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100% pure canned pumpkin.   You can get it at any supermarket.  Just make sure its the pure pumpkin, not the stuff used just for baking.   Just a little bit can help settle an uneasy stomach.  Some people here (including myself) feed it daily to prevent stomach issues. It really is a must have for all boxer owners!  The stuff is orange gold..
I use Libby's 100% pure pumkin. Harley has not had tummy issues ever. It is wonderful!!! Not to mention they love it!!! Make sure you DO NOT get the pumpkin for making pies!! it will say on the can if its for pies or if its 100% pure. Good luck
this is why I asked about the pumpkin:

after I started giving him PB,PM treats,yogurt,chicken strips,beggin strips & pedigree ice cream samwichs all for treats/rewards for being a god boy (potty outside) he has in last week or so quit eating his dog food.I've tried adding flavor to his food like bananas applesauce he just licks treats off his food and spits food in floor.

I'm afraid to take his treats,thinking he will not train as well (he can be pretty subborn w/o treats) can someone please let me know how you would handle this.I know if he gets hungry enough he will eat it,but probably not before he looks like a sack of bones.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Think I may have spoiled him  :lol:
Pumpkin is basically used to add extra fiber into their diet. It can be used for several different reasons. If your dog has diarrhea (that word never looks spelled right to me!) you can add pumpkin to firm up their stool. If your dog has difficulty with expressing their anal glands because of soft stools, pumpkin is great for adding extra fiber which helps firm up the stool so that they can better express their glands. However, if a dog has loose stool, adding the pumpkin will only help short term. You would still need to identify what's the cause of the loose stool.  
When feeding pumpkin I would only add 2 tsps per meal, any more than that can cause a laxative effect.  :wink:
Yes!  You definitely have spoiled him.  It's pretty common though.  Well, every once in a while my boy gets picky I just take the food away and say tough.  I wait an hour or two and put it back down and usually he'll eat it all.  He's testing you, he thinks he can hold out and you'll give him something tastier.  You have to stay strong.  He's even had to go to bed hungry a few times to really get the message.  Next morning he'll eat a car tire if I put it in front of him   :lol:
i agree with sully. My boy will also do this. He was trying to be picky last week because we had been training a lot and giving  treats and he decided not to eat. well the next morning he changed his mind and decided maybe he should just eat his kibble because it was better than nothing. I would cut back on the treats slightly to make him want his kibble. Good luck.
Wow I am really glad I saw this. i am going to have to try the pumpkin thing.
How much pumpkin do you feed daily?

Just one time a day? Or each time you feed the dog?
I feed it to mine daily - just a couple of teaspoons to mix in with the dry kibble along with the Dogzyme Digestive Enhancer. They love it! I use the Libby's brand as well.
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"56611":6h5bwqkl]When feeding pumpkin I would only add 2 tsps per meal, any more than that can cause a laxative effect.
Here in Bama, pumpkin isn't available year around(go figure), so I stock up at this time of year..Never had to use it, but it's good to have on hand....Mine get tons of extras in their kibble, yup they are spoiled  :)
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