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Puppy food question

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Brodi will be on Canidae when I get him which I know is a great food but with Chloe's terrible allergies I'd like to get them on the same food when he's old enough. I am really stuck on Timberwolf Ocean Blue but its protein level is 26% , If I remember right isn't 26 too high for a puppy? I really want them both on the same brand at least cause Timberwolf ocean blue has been a blessing for Chloe..Only other one I found by Timberwolf with a little lower protein level is the southwest chicken and that is that still too high?
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Actually that's not that bad of a protein level..Looking at the ingredients, it looks like fish is the primary protein source, so I would think that would be fine for Brodi as well...With the addition of the fish oils in it should be a great choice and it is an all stage food as well....

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much Willow  :D
I agree with Willow. I think the TO would be a great choice as long as it agrees with Brodie as well!  :wink:
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