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Puppy Love Pics

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They're pretty much inseparable and have to touch each other (even if they're beating the crap out of each other :D ) Just wanted to point out we've given up on "being naked" in the house during most of the day, it's just about impossible to ask a very wiggly puppy to wait to go out until I get her collar on!!
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Just too cute!!
Very nice pictures... I am curious, when you have two and one is older does this make it easier to train the young one?
that is way tooo sweet and precious...great pics!
Them are some fine looking furbabies if i say so myself.Just love them kids. :dance:
Awww.... :love:
They are just so cute together.
oh my goodness!!i just love that first pic
Aww, I love the one where Donner is using Blitzen as a pillow....that is so cute!
Those two look inseperable.
Very cute...I hope Duke and the new puppy get along that good.
Awwww! How cute! They love eachother so much!

aww there just soooo cute! :D great pics
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, yeah they're pretty much inseparable  :lol:
Britneysdad, with potty training it's been easier but for the rest, not so much :wink: When teaching Blitzen commands I usually wait for Dad and Donner to go out for some guy time before I try to work with her. The two of them are just tooo focused on each other. Plus it gives us some quality girl time!
Lori, they are just soo cute together, you would think they have been best friends forever...I love it...Yea, I can understand the need to leave Blitz's collar on for now, probably a good idea actually....
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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