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Puppy Playmate

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Just though id share... i was thinking about sending my pup to doggy daycare because i work and didnt want him to be alone, it was turning out to be pretty expensive so i put an advert up in the local dog park, saying i wanted a playmate for my puppy so i could leave him at their house and visa versa a few days a week so that he would have the company of another dog. He loves it and has made a new friend! i just pop him over their gate in the morning if they are still in bed and collect him on my way home. This weekend we are dogsitting zambia ( bensons playmate) as his owners are away and they will do the same for us if we ever need it. Not only does it save us money but we can help each other out and know that our dog is well looked after as we are leaving him with a fellow doglover.... i think everyone should do it and if you advertise in a local dog park you will find someone really close-by!   :D
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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