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Puppy poopers

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So my puppy turned 4 months old and she poops sooooo much! Is this normal? She had worms when we first got her but had been cleared although we are still treating her. She eats pro nature all stages and poops at least 8x a day! Should I change her food or is this normal?
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Boxers poop a lot! And that’s a fact! Especially when they are puppies. That puppy food is not grain free is it? If it is you really need to read the FDA warnings on grain free dog food.
No not grain free ,I had already read how bad that was for Boxers ,it doesn’t have corn ,wheat,or soy but it’s not marked grain free
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Well the poop out depends on how much is going in. How much are you feeding her? Our 9 1/2 month old girl eats about 5 cups per day split into 4 feedings. She weights about 55#. My vet gave us guidance on the brand and the amount, in about 6 months depending out her weight we may have to start backing off, but she is healthy and doing great.
Wow 5 cups? Mine only eats 3 max she won’t eat more than that she weighs 25 pounds at 4 months
That is not a food that is puppy appropriate IMO. It is formulated for high anxiety dogs first off.

I would feed a puppy formula at the very least.
Yes I totally agree! I had already planned on changing her food, that was the brand she was on and the store didn’t have any other option and I didn’t want to switch her but I feel this one isn’t doing her much good!
Well yours is 4 months and mine over 9 months, Boxers are fast growing and have tons of energy so they need the extra food. Looking at the weight charts for a 9 month old we’re spot on. We feed ours Purina One Plus, Healthy Puppy Formula. I purchase it from Chewy. So every one has an option, weight out the answers and check the interne. My Vet is a great source plus this is our second Boxer the last one passes away at 12 yo from cancer. Great dogs, the first couple of years can be difficult but it’s all worth it. Good luck
Oh noticed many people feed Purina one plus def something for me to look into.This is my second boxer as well and my first also died at 12 she had a large tumour in her mouth …but that was 20 years ago… but this is by far my favourite breed!!
So is her stool soft or hard? other then trying a different food no too much to do. She can’t poop more then her intake, check with the vet. Your feeding about the same amount I was at 3 months. Mine acts like she’s starving,I’ll watch her weight and adjust her food accordingly. Good luck
Her stools are more soft …thank you so much for your input!
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