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Question about dog toys made in China

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With all the recalls going on we (me and hubby) were just wondering how safe the dog toys were.  We go through TONS of squeaky toys and most of them have some type of painting on them.  I am guessing that most are made in China and thought that if they don't care if they are coating childrens toys with lead paint what is to stop them from putting it on dog toys?  

Anyone have any information or ideas on this?

We are going to only buy the plain (not painted) squeaky toys from now on unless we know that they were made in the USA!
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Sounds like a good idea to me.  I am sure that many of Kiah's toys are made in China.  Does any one know where the wiggle giggle is made?
You got me there, I have no clue..Now I guess I'll have to dig thru the toys and see what the tage say...OOOPPPSSS, no tags, they all have been chewed off!!!  :lol:  Barb, I don't know about the Wiggly Giggly, we have one as well...
We don't use many rubber squeaky toys, more plush, but we too have a wiggly giggly.  I would assume the same warning would be in place for dog toys too.  Even if it's not official, I think I'd stear clear of toys made in china.  What about kongs?  I don't know where they are made at.
I looked on the internet but didn't see where it was made, I will have to check next time I go to the store.
hmm thats a really good point !!! from dog food and cat food, to kids toys to even toothpaste..jeez whats next...

have to check it out im glad you brought tht up !
Kongs are made in the US, but they're not painted anyway.
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