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question about heart gaurd

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ok so champs around 45 lbs and is due for his heart gaurd pill but for one pill its like 20 bucks at the vet and id much rather buy the pack of 3 but its for dogs 26- 50 or 50-100lbs do you think the 5 lbs makes a difference? i didnt wanna buy the 26-50 cuz by next month hell prolly be over 50.
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I would just give the 50-100. When Lucy was being treated for mange, we were giving her the liquid ivermectin and our vet told us that the dosage we had to give for the mange was like 80 times stronger than the pill form we give them typically give them monthly so I think your pup should be just fine on the 50-100.
If a dog is within 5 pounds of the size cut off and still growing then we recommend going to the next size, so no it would not hurt to give the 50-100# (or brown box) of Heartgard....Heartgard is a safe product, in the past I have had a dog eat a whole box that the owner left on the table and no ill effects from the med's...It is better to move up then to underdose....Or buy a single of the green box (26-50) and buy the other one next time.....
thanks thats what i figured just wanted to make sure it was ok and i figured if i asked the vet theyd tell me to buy the one pill for now
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