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Question about homecooking

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Brodi isn't getting any better with his poop problem and seems like he only has normal poops when on boiled chicken and rice. I have decided to start home cooking and if everything goes okay eventually switch him to raw cause dog food doesn't seem to agree with him. I'm trying a recipie from BML's website but I have no idea where to purchase nutritional (tortula) yeast , lecithin granules , kelp powder and bone meal??  Also I have read that he needs Vit C but also read ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate or ascorbal palmitate) can cause damage to the liver and kidneys?? Help! I'm so confused lol
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We had a critical care vet/nutritionist formulate a home cooked diet for us.  Because of protein allergies, and the need for very low fat we could not find anything Adidas would not react to.  It was based on his age, weight, neutered status and activity level.  Many of his meds were compounded using a vegetable capsule, rather than one with a meat flavor.  It contained one protein, and one carb.  The vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement came ready made in a powder I added in every day.  It was called "Balance It", and was ordered from UC-Davis.

Aside from curbing the GI problems, he stopped shedding hair, sneezing, drooling, and no more eye goobers.  I wish I'd done this years before.  There are other supplements out there I think that are similar, but this one worked well in our case.
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