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Question about rescue

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For those of you with rescues.....did you apply to more than one agency???? We have completed all the requirements and told we passed with a "big thumbs up". However, we were just denied the 3rd pup we inquired about :( I understand and fully agree with their experience vs. ours with regards to the right one, but some of the rules are changing as we go and I find myself looking at the available dogs thinking "will they let us have that one??" rather than looking for the one we would like.Example: we were told to  plan on a female, as they don't like to place 2 males in the same home. Our home inspector met Donner, said she thought he'd do fine either way and said she has 5 males and 1 female with very few problems. Just got an e-mail this morning, we had asked about a little male recovering from surgery, (no special activity restrictions after recouperation period) denied because he's going to a home with several older boxers and denied because he's a MALE!! GRRRR Sorry to go on so long, I really DO love the idea of a rescue, that's why we started this process to begin with, but I'm getting a little frustrated and hubby is about to go into orbit!!!
My question is this, at this point should I apply to a couple other local rescues and begin the whole reference checks,phone interview, home visit process again to broaden our chances of finding the right pup, or wait it out and see what happens with the next dog we've asked about???????
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It wouldn't hurt to apply to others.  My experience with a rescue:  the first one I wanted was gone when I finally got approved, then all that came in were males, they required a fenced yard, or they wanted the family to already have another dog.  Finally a female came in that I thought she would ber perfect for me, so I sent the foster an email.  They felt I wouldn't be a good match.  My feelings were really hurt, cause I thought we would be a great team.  Then Kiah came up on the website a couple of weeks later, so I sent an email to the fosters; they were working with someone else that had sent an email before I did but they thought I would be a better fit (this was on a Friday).  On Saturday morning I got an email saying that the other person was just not a fit for her (wanted a boxer that wasn't active or hyper... I thought she could not have done much research), the fosters suggested she look at the older dogs that needed rescue, Kiah was just a little over 8 months.  I went to see her the next day (took 2.5 to drive there), got on great with her and the fosters.  They started all the paper work and brought her to me the following Saturday.  This whole process took from late February to May 5th when Kiah finally got to come home.  Sorry so long, but don't be discouraged; I have a strong belief that I was meant to wait for Kiah and that is why it took so long.  I am sure you will find the perfect boxer for you.
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I agree with all that Barb just said. When I applied to a rescue, I applied with a male pup in mind and put him down as that I was interested in this certain pup.  After waiting a week I still hadn't heard anything so I started calling. After about 2 more emails and several phone calls someone had finally called me and said they had lost my application and that the puppy I was inquiring about was adopted already. I was trying to be really patient because I know they are all volunteers, and are extremely busy. I had another male in mind and was told he was in the process of adoption. I was quickly losing hope in this whole rescue ordeal. I had me homecheck and all my references checked and was approved. It was at that point that I started inquiring about the available boxers again. Once again the two I had inquired about were adopted. Then a woman from the rescue had called and told me that a female, 16 months, and flashy fawn just came in. She had known I was really interested in a male but told me not to discount this one because she thought this female would be the perfect fit for my family. I went and visited and the whole family and Maddie just got along great! So, there you have it! Good things come to those who, I say hang in there, your perfect match is out there!
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I didn't have the option of applying to another rescue when I was trying to find a Boxer...True, Samson was not my first choice, I actually had my eye on a gorgous 2 yr old male. Someone else adopted him and Samson was suggested to me.. On the website, his age was listed as 4, after talking to his foster mom, it came outthat he was actually closer to 6, did that bother me? Heck no......I'm sorry this is getting so frustrating and I believe my rescue is pretty firm as well about not placing a male in a household with an existing male and vice versa with females....Soo, if there are other places you can go, I'd try it
Thanks so much for sharing those stories, makes me feel soo much better knowing that we're not being overlooked for a dog and that others have had multiple changes in the dog that ended up being right for them. Your obvious successes with the right pups being picked for you have helped cooler heads prevail :lol: It just gets frustrating getting attached to a little face and story only to find that it's not a match :(  I do realize that it's much better to have the right pup, rather than a pup right now so will continue to trust the adoption agency and believe she's out there somewhere!
I am so sorry you are having a rough time with this...what a pain. They were fairly easy for us.  We did apply to several leagues and honestly, AABR was the easiest! ha! We also applied to Northeastern Boxer resuce but despite following up on emails and being told a home inspection would be set up, I never heard back...Another league told me I was not keeping an open enough mind and they would not work with me. I explained that I knew we needed a male as we already had a female...and that although young, Abby is fairly calm and needed to be matched with another who was fairly calm (I was afraid a high strung dog would make her nervous). Apparently that league just thought they knew more about my Abby, who they had never met, than me. hahah...
It is a difficult road...Have you asked them which boxers THEY think would be a good match? Maybe explain that you have been approved and are anxious to be matched.  They have 40 or 50 dogs to home and yet the ones you have written about, you have been denied THEY have any recommendations for matches? Maybe they have some suggestions and that will help move things along.
Also, from what I was told, frequently there are dogs listed on the AABR site who are no longer available or you are about to be homed...they wait until the dog has been homed for 2 weeks before moving them from the website just in case the match does not work out.

I wish I could help more....I guess my biggest suggestion would be to ask them for some suggestions and see what they come back with.
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