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I agree with all that Barb just said. When I applied to a rescue, I applied with a male pup in mind and put him down as that I was interested in this certain pup.  After waiting a week I still hadn't heard anything so I started calling. After about 2 more emails and several phone calls someone had finally called me and said they had lost my application and that the puppy I was inquiring about was adopted already. I was trying to be really patient because I know they are all volunteers, and are extremely busy. I had another male in mind and was told he was in the process of adoption. I was quickly losing hope in this whole rescue ordeal. I had me homecheck and all my references checked and was approved. It was at that point that I started inquiring about the available boxers again. Once again the two I had inquired about were adopted. Then a woman from the rescue had called and told me that a female, 16 months, and flashy fawn just came in. She had known I was really interested in a male but told me not to discount this one because she thought this female would be the perfect fit for my family. I went and visited and the whole family and Maddie just got along great! So, there you have it! Good things come to those who, I say hang in there, your perfect match is out there!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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