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I am so sorry you are having a rough time with this...what a pain. They were fairly easy for us.  We did apply to several leagues and honestly, AABR was the easiest! ha! We also applied to Northeastern Boxer resuce but despite following up on emails and being told a home inspection would be set up, I never heard back...Another league told me I was not keeping an open enough mind and they would not work with me. I explained that I knew we needed a male as we already had a female...and that although young, Abby is fairly calm and needed to be matched with another who was fairly calm (I was afraid a high strung dog would make her nervous). Apparently that league just thought they knew more about my Abby, who they had never met, than me. hahah...
It is a difficult road...Have you asked them which boxers THEY think would be a good match? Maybe explain that you have been approved and are anxious to be matched.  They have 40 or 50 dogs to home and yet the ones you have written about, you have been denied THEY have any recommendations for matches? Maybe they have some suggestions and that will help move things along.
Also, from what I was told, frequently there are dogs listed on the AABR site who are no longer available or you are about to be homed...they wait until the dog has been homed for 2 weeks before moving them from the website just in case the match does not work out.

I wish I could help more....I guess my biggest suggestion would be to ask them for some suggestions and see what they come back with.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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