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It wouldn't hurt to apply to others.  My experience with a rescue:  the first one I wanted was gone when I finally got approved, then all that came in were males, they required a fenced yard, or they wanted the family to already have another dog.  Finally a female came in that I thought she would ber perfect for me, so I sent the foster an email.  They felt I wouldn't be a good match.  My feelings were really hurt, cause I thought we would be a great team.  Then Kiah came up on the website a couple of weeks later, so I sent an email to the fosters; they were working with someone else that had sent an email before I did but they thought I would be a better fit (this was on a Friday).  On Saturday morning I got an email saying that the other person was just not a fit for her (wanted a boxer that wasn't active or hyper... I thought she could not have done much research), the fosters suggested she look at the older dogs that needed rescue, Kiah was just a little over 8 months.  I went to see her the next day (took 2.5 to drive there), got on great with her and the fosters.  They started all the paper work and brought her to me the following Saturday.  This whole process took from late February to May 5th when Kiah finally got to come home.  Sorry so long, but don't be discouraged; I have a strong belief that I was meant to wait for Kiah and that is why it took so long.  I am sure you will find the perfect boxer for you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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