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Question about RMB?

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Hi all,

We recently bought 1/2 beef and filled up the freezer. While at the butchers, we picked up several of what they called "dog bones". They are about 3 inches wide and still have pieces of meat attached.

My question is: Mercedes won't really eat them down. She'll lick at them and try to get the pieces off, but now we have 6 bones scattered around the backyard. I thought she would go down on them and chew them till gone.

I read in another thread about recreational bones and the fact that leg bones are much to tough. I'm wondering if that is what we got.


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Yeah I think you may have got Marrow bones which are thicker bones with meat attached like these

RMB is short for "Raw Meaty Bones" which can consists as necks, backs etc.  Any form of part that has bone in it that can easily be consumed.   The marrow bones are more dense and hard, yet provide recreational chew because  the bones themselves are too hard to swallow and digest unlike the smaller flexable bones of neck or back.

For good reading on raw and RMB I am pretty fond of this site.   more specific talk about RMBs can be found here -
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1.29 per lb!!!!! We have two butcher shops around here and the cheaper of the two is 2.99lb...even if we drive 45 min to Andrews AFB, they are still 1.99! WOW, alright sorry just had to have a moment:)
ha ha.  That is actually expensive.  When I buy my bulk raw food, I get a case of marrow bones.   About 25 2-3 inchers with meat for about 20.50.  So it pays to buy in bulk however we go thru them like no tomorrow!!!!

****Why I have a picture of marrow bones downloaded, I have no clue..... L-)  L-)
Do you get a case from your local butcher or ????? That's a great idea and I have the space....
Nope thru my trainer. The ones pictures above for 1.29lb were found at the local supermarket.
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