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Question from Northern Minnesota

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Ok, so I have a 6 month old little girl. We go for walks in the morning before work and the evening before bedtime. We start out about 5:30 am which is already getting quite chilly, and we all know what's coming. My question is what are your suggestions for winter wear? I'm normally not one for dressing dogs up - but I do want her to be warm and healthy.

Any recommendations? Specifically styles and fit recommendations.

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Myfancee - Thanks for the insight, I will check into both JJboxer & UltraPaws.

Chip18: We are located in Central MN - about 40 minutes from Brainerd. Our temps can get well below freezing - so I definitely will need winter gear.

Really what I'm looking for is opinions on what brand other boxer owners like and recommend. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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