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Question from Northern Minnesota

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Ok, so I have a 6 month old little girl. We go for walks in the morning before work and the evening before bedtime. We start out about 5:30 am which is already getting quite chilly, and we all know what's coming. My question is what are your suggestions for winter wear? I'm normally not one for dressing dogs up - but I do want her to be warm and healthy.

Any recommendations? Specifically styles and fit recommendations.

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Yeah boxers don't like hot or cold extremes so you will want something! My boxer in Vegas has just a sweater that she LOVES she is already wanting it at night she's a big baby, she has hiking boots for summer that she loves and had to have.
You'll need something a bit heavier though they do make jackets like horse blankets I did a quick search and found they might be a good place to look since they are familiar with the deep chest of the Boxer which can be hard to fit. The shoes she wears are UltraPaws Rugged Dog Boot she is 45 lbs and wears a size small.
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