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Question on Bathing

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I have a 11 year old Box/ St. Bearned mixed

I also have a 16 weeks old 100% Boxer.

My question is this my 11 year old sheds like no tomorrow so I recently bought a ferminator (sp) and also ferminator (sp) shampoo. THe shampoo works REALLY NICE and make the 11 year coat very shoft and nice looking.

Can I use the same shampoo on my 16 week old boxer? IF so how offten should I be bathing my puppy? The 11 year old I only bath him about once eavry 3-4 months.

I want the 16 week old to get used to taking baths so he is not a montser when he gets bigger.

So how oftten can I can bath the little one?
Can I aalso put my 16 week old in the tub and just run water on him once a month and don't use shampoo? Use shampoo like once every 3 months? I know over bathing your dog is not good for their coat. But If I just run water on him will it cause his coat to dry out?
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If you want your little one to get use to the bath i would juts stick him in there and spray him lol No shampoo! If you wash them to much their coats would dry out!! Not sure on the shampoo I would just use a tearless puppy shampoo for him

I just stuck Roxy in the tub and sprayed her now she just jumps right in with no problem!! Shes the first dog I have ever seen love the bath lmao

Reekos a diff story!!;) When I try and get him in the bathroom he spreads all 4 so we cant get through the door. I use to pick him up and walk backwards wiht him but hes about 60lbs now and I cant lift him anymore lmao
lol...i love the furminator and if the label doesn't say not to use on pups, it should be fine...It would be no different to get your pup wet than to take her just wetting her down shouldn't be a problem...I have to bathe my two at LEAST 1 time a month for my skin allergy reaction to Bo...So far...haven't noticed any problems...but will post if anything does change...they have to be lifted into the tub..b.ut come happily to the tub...and I have to make them sit in the shower...then I also either lift them up to make them stand on their hind legs to be rinsed...or with Jetta I have even been known to pick her up to rinse her
We bathed our puppies at least once a month, sometimes every week if they needed it.  They never had any trouble with dry skin or skin issues.  You need to make sure you rinse them well and it also helps if you have soft water.  We always use a no tears puppy shampoo until they are 1 year then just use the puppy shampoo on their face and a regular dog shampoo on the rest of the body.  Ours also swim in a pool alot so we bath them to get the chlorine off them.  It really helped to bath them more often (at least for ours).  Ziggi (our youngest now) runs up the stairs and into the bathroom when we say "bath".
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