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I have a 11 year old Box/ St. Bearned mixed

I also have a 16 weeks old 100% Boxer.

My question is this my 11 year old sheds like no tomorrow so I recently bought a ferminator (sp) and also ferminator (sp) shampoo. THe shampoo works REALLY NICE and make the 11 year coat very shoft and nice looking.

Can I use the same shampoo on my 16 week old boxer? IF so how offten should I be bathing my puppy? The 11 year old I only bath him about once eavry 3-4 months.

I want the 16 week old to get used to taking baths so he is not a montser when he gets bigger.

So how oftten can I can bath the little one?
Can I aalso put my 16 week old in the tub and just run water on him once a month and don't use shampoo? Use shampoo like once every 3 months? I know over bathing your dog is not good for their coat. But If I just run water on him will it cause his coat to dry out?
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