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What is considered punishment when the pup uses the bathroom in the house?  What can I do to let him know that he can't just poop wherever???
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first you must catch him in the act. otherwise you shouldnt punish him. when you do catch him you should give him a harsh NO and then take him where you want him to go. Its best to take him to this place after he eats a meal and wait until he does go and associate a command such as go weees and then prise him this happens
I agree, first of all, dogs have a short memory regarding things like that...All you can do is clean up the mess, grumble to yourself and go on....Clean the area really well with something like Nature's Miracle, take what you cleaned the spot with outside and that will help your pup associate where to go....
They know who did it, and that you are not happy.  I just say "oh, oh" and put the culprit out on the porch or in another room till I get it cleaned up.  Otherwise they can begin to think it is a game when they are little.

I basically did exactly what xenmac said, this worked great, and happened in no time at all, now Gaby asks every time to go out, she hasn't had an accident in the house now for over 2 months :D
Just for laughs(sounds like you already got good advice) I heard one of our members say she yells AT THE POOP...NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MY HOUSE!" then carries outside with great disgust and puts it where she wants it...she said her dog watched and it was like she thought "wow...if Mom gets that mad, then maybe I shouldn't put it there!"  Never yelled at the dog...treated it like a completely seperate being!LOL!  I love it!LOL!
yelling at the poop???? Im actually laughing!!    :))
That was me Jeanene, I was given that tip by another Boxer owner, and yes I used it with Angel, I swear she must have thought Momma was losing it :lol:
Haha!  Thats a good one!  I may try that one (the hubby would think I was crazy though)   :lol:

I did with Binga what xenmac said...   it worked.  So i am doing it with Bear too.

I thought about trying the bell training.  I have a friend that used it and now her dog jingles the bell when he wants out.  That would be awesome!
OMG!!!!!  I am soooo EXCITED :lol: I just took your advise Xenmac and I swear I am so proud of Sire Remi right now!  The only thing that kinda sucks is he doesn't seem to like the treats for dogs. (any suggestions) I guess his teeth isn't all that strong yet so I don't think he too much cares for them.  I would have really liked giving him a snack for going to the potty outside.  I did get really excited and tell him good job and he's a big boy! So, I think he gets the idea.  

I'm going to keep that up and see how long it takes to house train him.  

Okay, I know this is a little off the subject but is 8 weeks too early to start humping?
sirs_mom...      Bear is 8 weeks old and started humping.  I asked the same question!

I thought it was kinda young for that too    :oops:
samsonsmom\";p=\"81125 said:
That was me Jeanene, I was given that tip by another Boxer owner, and yes I used it with Angel, I swear she must have thought Momma was losing it :lol:
I thought maybe it was you! I couldnt' remember for sure if it was you or Sharon!LOL! I about died the first time I read it and I still chuckle everytime I think of it!LOL!
Read the body lingo post in doesn't always mean what we think it means when they "hump" another dog or whatever...not always about hormones!
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