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Questioning switching to Canidae

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Jenna is currently on Nature's Variety but due to the cost I was thinking about switching her to another brand.  I found a website that sell Canidae 40 lb bags at $30, which I think is pretty good deal.  But then I found this website ( ... e-for.html) and now I'm not sure if I should proceed with the switch.  Let me know what you guys think.
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From the Canidae website:

All CANIDAE Pet Food products are safe and not part of the recall.

In light of the unfortunate pet food recall by other respectable pet food manufacturers, we want you, our valued customer, to feel secure with the continued use of our products. CANIDAE
This has been discussed on here before, and it was basically found to never be true.  This one lab never came forward and produced the actual report or showed any evidence to back up their claims.    

[i:nrm01hpo]Itchmo called Canidae this afternoon to inquire if they had received the lab results from their testing. They received the test results yesterday. A Canidae spokesperson released this statement to us:

In view of recent reports that have been circulating that products of major pet food manufacturers contain acetaminophen, Canidae wants our customers to know that we have tested our products. The results confirm what we at Canidae already know: we do not put acetaminophen in our products in any way, shape or form. Independent laboratory results found no detectable acetaminophen at 1 part per million.

One unconfirmed report by one laboratory appears to have given rise to the postings and rumors about our products. That same laboratory has also claimed acetaminophen contamination in other manufacturers
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There is no such issue with Canidae.   IMO it was planted as to cause a scare just like the other pet foods and to have people switch off such a popular brand to another one.   Could also be some scare tatcic by a competetor, in which Canidae proved the report to be false!
tobgall - I did a small study last summer where I compared the cost of dog food in price per pound (did price per serving too) and compared those costs with the star ratings on  Canidae was the runaway winner (by far cheapest of the 5* foods that I could find at my pet stores).  Chicken Soup did great too.
Thanks for everybody's response.  I think I am going to switch my baby to Canidae but I would like to find a place that has samples first.  Just to make sure she likes it and there is no problems.
Good luck with the switch.  Charlie couldn't handle Canidae.  Loose stool, and I believe it was the lamb and rice that is geared for allergies actually dried him out bad.
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"73124":110abcyp]Good luck with the switch.
Both of my baby's Eli and Ava are on Canidae and have been for over a month now.  Eli is a checked boxer (mostly white) and his tear stains are magically disappearing since he's been on this food.  They are both spoiled rotten and get a little soft with their dry once a day and when they get it just dry it takes them WAY longer to eat it by itself so it may not be as tasty as other foods or they are hoping mommy will add the soft for them if they hold out long enough!  hehehehe! just like kids!  Good Luck!!


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