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QUICK! I need a question answered right away *UPDATE*

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Harleigh is going in to get spayed this morning and I am freaking out whether I should feed her or not. They said something about it in the office visit when I made the appt. I meant to call them yesterday but it slipped my mind. (bad mommy, I know).

So do I feed her or not?
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Re: QUICK! I need a question answered right away

Thank you for the response. So without realizing Harleigh finished what was in her bowl from last night. Is this going to be a huge problem? I don't know the reason behind not eating or drinking before surgery but I would say there was about a half a cup left. What do you think?

edited to say: I have my print out for ACE.  :D
Re: QUICK! I need a question answered right away

Wonderful! :roll:

She normally eats all her food but for whatever reason didn't last night. So of course this is all just perfect timing huh?

Thank you again.
First update:

I just HAD to share that when I dropped Harleigh off this morning, I asked the lady if she knew if ACE was used as their pre-anesthetic (sp?) and if so it is not to be used on Harleigh. She said it sounded familiar but went back and got the vet to check. The vet himself came out and looked surprised that I inquired. He said "we do NOT use ACE on Boxers but we use it on other breeds." I must have looked at him with my jaw on the floor.  8O It felt good to have my question validated by my vet and not looked at like I was crazy. I said "oh good, so you know the dangers using it on Boxers?" and he said "Oh yah".  I told him I really appreciated him coming out and validating that for me and I was happy to know that he knows his stuff.  :D

I am just awaiting my curtosy update phone call today from them. I pick her up between 4:30 and 5:00.
It's acepromazine and it's a pre anesthetic that is dangerous to Boxers. There is a sticky about it under health. Here it is ... pic&t=1514
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