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Raw diet started, and so have the runs

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Sorry kind of a gross post but I'm concerned about my little man, after alot of reading and great advice on here Champ started his raw diet 2 days ago.
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Thanks for the quick replies it's definately helped easy my concerns, I am aware of the detox stage but the yellowish runs made me worrieded, thanks Sully and Hannabananna for letting me know that this is normal.  I will keep update as to Champs detox stage in the next couple of days.
So as promised here's an update, over the weekend I thought his poops were getting better but last night and this morning they were back to being runny.  I managed to find some enzymes at a local pet store so he's been getting those as well as a teaspoon of pumpkin.  Is a teaspoon per day enough pumpkin?  I really hope that he gets over the detox phase cause he's been waking up twice a night to go #2 since he started his raw diet.  If I was going to add rice should it be cooked or raw??  Also if I was to grind the necks and backs up would that help??  Please help I don't wanna see Champ squatting around in circles anymore.
So I recently thought that the detox phase was done, cause Champ stools were looking good for a day and a half, now he's gone back to the runs.  Is this normal??  He is getting a little bit of pumpkin daily as well as enzymes.  I haven't given him any vegetables yet because it's only been roughly a week since he's started raw, any info??
So he's been only getting chicken necks and backs, that's it.  I was only giving him a spoonful of pumpkin a day, should I increase that to a spoonful with each meal??  As for boiling I haven't because I thought he was doing well after seeing some hard ones for a little while.  I was also under the impression that bones were necessary to balance the meals?  Not sure if I will feed veggies, haven't really decided yet, how many of you raw feeders do?
I weighed him a couple of days ago and he was 27.4lbs at 15 weeks old, he is getting approx. 2lbs per day.  Hannabanna, when you say rotate the protein are you suggesting I give him protein other than chicken??  Beef, pork or fish is this correct.

Sorry I know that most have you have seen posts like this for a long time, but I just want this phase of the raw diet to be over.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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