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Raw diet started, and so have the runs

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Sorry kind of a gross post but I'm concerned about my little man, after alot of reading and great advice on here Champ started his raw diet 2 days ago.
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I don't think grinding will make much difference.  Take ALL the skin off, it is very fatty and won't be helping him get over the diarrhea.
IF you added rice, cook it first so it doesn't expand in his stomach.  I might be more apt to try boiling and deboning some chicken and try that first.
Sorry I can't be of more help, luckily my two didn't have any real problems :/
Good luck!
How much are you feeding him? What exactly are you feeding? Any offal or just chicken necks and backs?  1 spoonful of pumpkin a day, or a little less with each meal should be helping a little. Too much pumpkin and it works to loosen stools.
Unless you are making veggies part of the diet, there is no need to introduce them now.  Personally I don't feel veggies are necessary.
Have you tried boiling some chicken and taking it off the bone? That might give his tummy a rest and then you can start raw again.
Good luck!
sully\";p=\"121579 said:
Honestly, raw feeding is a major in the pain in the butt.   :lol:

You are TOO much.  Poor Champ, hang in there buddy :)

Edit: sully you made me forget what I was going to say!

Anyway, they do need bones, but a day or two without it would be fine.  What quantity (weight) are you feeding him each day in chicken necks and backs?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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