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Some of you may have read my post about prednisone. We have decided not to give it to Rocco. It was really just a pallative treatment and would not actually help reduce the tumor. Along with our vet, we have decided that the potential side effects were way worse than how he was feeling. Going for quality of life here. We don't know how much longer we have with Rocco, so we are just trying to keep him as happy and comfortable as possible.

Right now he feels fine 90% of the time. Only pain he has is if he yawns widely or picks up something large (his tumor is on his jaw right above the TMJ area). Anyway.. We have started giving him raw goats milk and hemp oil and I think he is feeling better! He is also taking Rimadyl which is an anti-inflammatory.

I dont think the tumor is shrinking, but he doesn't seem as bothered by it. He has been acting more playful the past week or two, has been sleeping like a rock, and seems happier than before. He is a SUPER happy guy anyway.

So the combo of these three things has given him some relief. I dont know the science behind any of it, but this combo seems to be great for him so far. I just wanted to share.

If you want to read the whole story, I have a blog (so I dont have to keep repeating things) Dog House - Puppy Dog Love - there are many blog posts on the blog portion of the site. Thanks to all of you for your great advice and prayers for Rocco!
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