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RE: HouseBreaking

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RE: HouseBreaking

We are crate training Penny and shes doing great. No Accidents untill the other day. We have her on a schedule and we know it to a "T". The other day she walking around the house (supervised, of coourse) and gave no sign that she wanted to urinate. She just started gong. When crate training & housebreaking do they ever learn to let you know that they have to go. I figured after 5 weeks of a set schedule that she preety much git the hang of it. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks

Penny & Family.... :?:
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Not sure how old penny is and keep in mind they all learn at a different pace.  I can say that Fiona was fully house trained at about 6 months with us taking her out on a schedule still and started to stay out of her kennel at night with no accidents about 7 months she started to sit by the door and at night come and poke at me with her nose to let me know she needed to go outside. It will come....
Odin in my opinion took FOREVER TO LEARN!! The only sign he'd give us by the time he learned and even now is to just go SIT by the door... which isn't always in view. I really want to do that bell training thing. Kyrie is iffy... sometimes she'll go to the door and whine and sometimes just sit there... or EVEN WORSE just go in the house... she's driving me nuts... but I know it's mostly me being hormonal lol
Jetta is almost 15 weeks...she has been housetrained for a little over 3 weeks (as long as we are here...we don't leave her out of the crate when we leave the house)...the thing that helped with her was to hang a bell on the door where she could reach...have her hit the bell with her paw and then take her out and praise her like she won the nobel prize...she picked this up in 2 days and now we know when she needs out...we don't even really have to supervise her much in the house as long as we are awake.
Maverick was doing great until about a week and a half ago. He is also crate trained and on a schedule but he had an accident a week and a half ago and since then he has regressed some. at first it was just peeing but as of four days ago it was poooping too..i went back to tethering him most of the time but whenevre my back was turned even with him tethered hed make a poop. Driving me crazy but weve only had him less than 2 months, about 6 weeks and for the first bit he wasnt feeling well so we werent that strict on schedule. Im thinking the bell thing is when ill try next.
You can expect setbacks. That's pretty normal really. Like Sharon said, usually about 6 mos, they are pretty well house trained, even then, sometimes a mental lapse happens...
we have setback! Our poor Reese is 10 months old and still will go potty in the house if she is unsupervised. i feel bad because savannah can go around where ever, but reese has to stick close. ahh well...oneday that will change :D
sumya will also go in the house if not supervised.she was so good for so long,but we have been having some set backs as well. :(  i guess better late then never! :D
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