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Really hoping this means progress.

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For those trying to train their pups...there is light at the end of the tunnel (I think)!

Bella, our 13 week old seems to be making a bit of progress. Yesterday she had an accident in the house twice and I contribute that to lack of supervision at the time or noticing her ques. Twice is a big step considering the handful of times she was going, before. I am trying to feed her more on a schedule to regulate her bowls and bladder, and I am basically staying outside with her until she does either #1, or #2 teaching her she cannot come inside until she goes. She tries so hard to just come inside but I insist...bringing her back out to the yard until she goes. I've also started using "Good girl, pee pee outside" or "poopoo outside" while she's going and I really hope in time, she starts associating that with going.

Wish us I'm desperate for her to keep making steps towards being trained. I feel like I have a newborn again...except at least they go in diapers!
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The only way I can describe it is that all of a sudden it's like a light bulb goes off for them and they just get it.  Mine were the same at first... peeing in the house like they didn't know what to do or that it was wrong.  After reading on one of the posts here that some people tied bells from a string to their door knob and taught their pups to 'ring the bell' when they need to go out ---- within 3 days they had it down pact.  It's almost like it gave them the tools to communicate to you that they have to go.  The only accidents we have are occasionally when they are playing (usually it's when the cat is also in the mix) they 'forget' that they have to go and it ends up on my floor (never poop though, just pee).  

All I can say is stick with it and have lots of patience.  There definetely is a light at the end of the tunnel :)
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