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For those trying to train their pups...there is light at the end of the tunnel (I think)!

Bella, our 13 week old seems to be making a bit of progress. Yesterday she had an accident in the house twice and I contribute that to lack of supervision at the time or noticing her ques. Twice is a big step considering the handful of times she was going, before. I am trying to feed her more on a schedule to regulate her bowls and bladder, and I am basically staying outside with her until she does either #1, or #2 teaching her she cannot come inside until she goes. She tries so hard to just come inside but I insist...bringing her back out to the yard until she goes. I've also started using "Good girl, pee pee outside" or "poopoo outside" while she's going and I really hope in time, she starts associating that with going.

Wish us I'm desperate for her to keep making steps towards being trained. I feel like I have a newborn again...except at least they go in diapers!
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