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2 cups doesn't sound like enough to me.  I would imagine you should feed her what she should be eating if she was her ideal weight.

So if the bag lists 3 cups for a 65 pound dog, I'd say go for 3 cups...and add in that she's a boxer, so maybe 3.5 cups.

My food calls for 2 2/3 to 3 1/3 cups...since I got Ares 3 weeks ago, I had been giving him 3 cups...he lost a pound.  Then I upped him to 3 1/2, and I think he was slimming up more, so I just give him 4 (+ a little) cups a day now, plus 2-3 milkbones, and 1 omega-3 treat.  Ideally, I think 62-64 pounds would be healthy for him, he's at 57 now.


Because you have to remember, boxers are so active and fidgety that they burn way more calories than most dogs that just sit around.  3 cups to a lab is probably 4 cups to a boxer.
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