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Long story short,

Our boxer was gifted to us by a breeder who asked/told us she wants to breed our girl when she's two.

I've found a few things out now that are concerning and I don't believe any testing was done as our girl doesn't have any tattoos, the breeder hasn't been in touch with regards to her heat cycles etc and isn't returning my calls.

At almost 1.5 years old, our boxer hasn't had a heat and I know it's likely due to the fact that she fluctuates weights so much.

She eats 6 cups of food a day (GO! Sensitivity and Shine, Turkey or Duck, as we found out this summer she's allergic to chicken) and is fairly active but she puts on weight, then drops it weeks later without "growing".

I'm concerned the breeder didn't do proper health testing as I have no papers, no indication of her parentage etc.

I've got her scheduled for a CBC with a T4 add on and my mom suggested a creatinine and a BUN test to confirm or eliminate any possible kidney issues/thyroid issues.

Has anyone else suffered weight maintenance outside the norm? She eats, she pees, she drinks and poops, but can't seem to keep any weight on for a substantial period of time. She was so ribby at one point her hips and spine were showing.

Are there any other tests I should go through? I'm hoping to compile enough evidence that she is not a suitable breeding candidate so I can get her spayed as the only reason she's intact is because she's "wanted for breeding" (but the breeder hasn't been in contact regarding her cycle, her health, anything at all in the last 6 months)

Just looking for some insight! Thanks in advance.

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Some dogs have very high metabolisms. You can try adding some satin balls to each meal to help add some calories or I would look into changing her food to something with more calories per serving.

As for health testing, that's done after 12 months of age. No all registered dogs are tattooed, your breeder could have microchipped her instead.
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