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Red Bump on Hind Leg

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Last night after we got back from the dog park, I went to bath Chloe.  I noticed a red bump - looked so red I thought it was bleeding.  It looks like a small marble on her hind "knee".  It is about the same size today and she doesn't seem to be tender in the area, but there is no hair on this small spot.  We have a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon, but does anyone have an idea of what this might be?
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Sounds like the description of what Abby has on her belly...our vet said most likely a hy---(I can't remember what it is called...but started with "hy") which is a relatively common occurrence in some breeds such as boxers. Nothing dangerous and typically it comes off on it's own in 2 to 3 months. If not, then they will cut it off. They did however test for cancer cells which came back negative. Good luck!
They are called hystiocytomas!! Roxy had one about a year old on her hind knee! It got really big! They are not cancerous and will go away on their own(just in case the vet tells you surgery is needed) They are quite common in Boxers! I know of some that have had 4 or 5 of them! They arent anything to worry about!
Yes! That's what it was...I noticed last night that Abby's is pretty scabbed up and there's a crack down the middle so I assume that it is drying up. It did continue to grow for some time (we noticed growth each day) and ended at about the diameter of a penny (edges were very pink/red and stretched out looking) just stopped growing one day though and started to scab over.
Well the vet seems to think it is a tumor  :cry: although he said that it could be the hy...?? that you are talking about.  He said that both are common in boxers and he would recommend removing it.  I asked if it was necessary, and he said that it is rather large for someone just noticing it (I bath her every week and it wasn't there last week).  He said that it could be a tumor and that there are different types - he said some are malignant and some are benign, and some fall somewhere in the middle.  He told me that right now it is at the skin level and that if we take it out now it will be easier than taking it out if it gets larger, plus if we biopsey it and it is somewhere between that benign and malignant tumor we can keep an eye out for future tumors and take care of them quickly.  She goes in first thing in the morning to have it removed.

This sucks - she acted horribly for about 4 days after she was spayed from the anethesia (diarrehea and vomiting) - I hope it doesn't happen again.  :(
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I would definitely get it off of her and biopsy it. Buster had three of them removed all at once. One was black, kind of like a skin tag looking thing. The other two were pink and raised, just different in size. All three came back benign. I just wouldn't mess with any lumps or bumps. Get them checked. Chances are they will come back benign, but if they don't, then at least you might be able to catch it early enough to do something about it. I really don't understand the in between thing. I thought they were either benign or malignant.
Good Luck with it, and keep us posted as to what you find out. Fingers and paws crossed for you!
They explained the "in between" to me this morning.  It is basically a tumor that has some malignant characteristics but doesn't need to be treated like a cancer - just removed.  So no chemo or anything like that.  I hope they call me pretty soon and tell me everything's okay - I hate the waiting.
Good luck.  I will keep my fingers crossed that everything is OK.
The vet called - she's fine :D

We will get the results back on the biopsy in a week or two.
Glad everything went well at the vets. This is going to be a long week for you. Fingers and paws crossed that everything will come back okay.
Ahh, poor Chloe....Sending healing vibes to her and extra patience to you....Get well soon....Glad everything was ok
YEA!  It was benign!  It was a hystioma (sp?).  Anyway - I think next time I will wait it out before allowing them to do surgery - $400 later and a dog who was limping around for 5 days :(.
:clap: So happy it's benign!! I know surgery really stinks, but at least you know and you are not wondering anymore.
red bump

Molly has one on her chest, not getting bigger but it looks sore. Doesnt seen to bother her at all! (bothers me lol)

From what i have read and looked up this is what she has also, so am waiting it out for a bit. I have put antibiotic cream on it just because if it would happen to open at all i don't want it to get infected!

Am attaching picture, anyone that has dealt with this please let me know what you think i did enlarge it. Hair Skin Close-up Nose Fur
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Molly just scratched hers open! It's bleeding, I cleaned it up & applied antibiotic cream. Any suggestions? Help please!!
Hi Everyone I was just wondering if someone could help me out.i have a 10 years old Boxer a few days ago I notice that she was off balance come to find out her ear drum popped and shot the ear infection out of her ear. The doctor gave us some ear cleaner and some ointment. Her ear is healing pretty good so far but she is not eating g her dog food. She will eat soft treats like the greenies and her hypo treats but refuses to eat her own dog food. The doctor gave me some meds to give to her to help her with her apitite but I have given her one pill every 24 hrs for the last two days and nothing. Like I said she will eat the greenies chewy and her hypo treats but not her dog food. Any suggestions on what I can put on her dog food. I have tried broth already and she only ate a small portion of her food but their was more food left then what she ate. Any tips thanks....
Hello. Does anyone here have experienced cancer with their boxer? My dog just got this bump and I’m extremely worried.

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I noticed a red bump on Fiona's ear last night. It cropped up overnight.



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Hello. Does anyone here have experienced cancer with their boxer? My dog just got this bump and I’m extremely worried.

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Did you find out what this is? Was it a histiocytoma?
Unfortunately, we have experience with skin cancer with our last boxer. Started as a small red patch/spot in skin and continued to grow. It required surgery to remove but had already metastasized. I would recommend getting it removed before there is anymore growth.

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