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Concerning the cats and rabits:

Your dog is showing signs of prey drive activity.  Try not to put him out unless you can watch him.  If he gets one and kills'll be in a whole other world of trouble.

As for Toby's "bum rushed" issue:

Cross the street and put him into a sit.  When he calms down start back across the street..when you get to the farthest point of the street (without being in the street), put him in a sit.  When he calms down there, put him back on the sidewalk and into another sit.  When he's calm there, proceed with your walk.  

If at any time during this process he becomes agitated, go back to the last step then proceed forward at smaller intervals (may require you to work him in the street [SAFETY FIRST!!!]) until you get him back on the sidewalk (calmly) and can proceed on your walk!!!


Patience and time...time and patience...THE DOG TRAINER'S MOTTO!!!

Liz and Lilly
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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